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Poobong- Adventurous, Cloud-Kissed, Serene World Of Tea Plantation

Poobong the word means ‘ a valley behind clouds’ is enigmatically named as this area is shielded in the mist of clouds floating adding more beauty to the lush green tea garden of Poobong and provides a sense of ecstacy to the tourists. Poobong tea estate is located near Sukhiapokhri and Ghoom can be observed towards the southerly slopes of Sukhiapokhri -Ghoom road. Poobong tea estate has two segments: Tea estate and Busty. The average summer temperature is approximately 25 °C (77 °F) and the average winter temperature is around 2 °C (36 °F). The ideal time for the tourists to visit Poobong Tea Garden is from February to September. Winter is not the time to visit tea gardens while many tourists do visit during the winter months which is an adventurous experience itself of another level though the tea garden activities remains dormant.

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Poobong Tea Factory

Organic Teas use no chemicals like pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, or chemical fertilizers, to grow or process the tea after it is harvested. Instead, farmers use natural processes to create a sustainable tea crop After taking a walk through the lush green tea bushes , experiencing the processing of tea is another unique educational tour for the tourists of Poobong .The Tea Factory is located near to the tea garden of Poobong where the tourist can watch the orthodox way of tea processing .The freshly plucked tea leaves are carried to the factory in bags and the dry tea leaves are trickled down in troughs which are wooden planks. Then the procedure of tea making follows step by step which starts with withering, rolling, fermenting or oxidation, drying or firing, sorting(leaves, broken,fannings,dust), grading and finally packing of black tea and green tea. After that the tourists can have an experience of tea tasting session savouring the delightful Poobong Teas.

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