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First Love (Royal)

This lover’s blush is a unique produce of Poobong’s first flush. It has a musky-sweet tasting notes, delicate fruity unique flavour with a mellow, yet tempting aroma .The light and airy taste would stimulate your taste buds and undoubtedly the best choice for enjoying the intricacy and marvels of tea. It is crafted to deliver pure joy to those with an acquired taste with a complex flavour that blends sweet malt with notes of soaked raisin and barley .This royal flush is the season's first pick with energetic verdant taste and is best enjoyed without milk. It is a very Tippy Tea, the most preferred clones of Darjeeling. It has a bright, rich, sweet, balanced cup layered with honey sweetness, in the floral range & is balanced by a complex flavour structure.